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Advanced Treatments

Our cutting-edge advanced treatments are specially designed and formulated to target your specific skin concerns, including brightening, acne, sensitivity, and anti-aging.

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Xenia Skin Care's Advanced Facials utilizes cutting-edge modern technologies of the industry blended with global skin-care brands to provide the best, effective results while maintaining the health and inner beauty of your skin.


The Advanced Facials are tailored to bring a lasting, youthful glow to the skin, while treating skin conditions, if there may be any under the power.  It penetrates deeper into the skin and renews the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin, which gives all clients long-lasting results.  

Our Advanced Treatment  procedures are created to precisely address the skin problems, meet the skin care needs, and deliver long-lasting results.

Every type of luxury skincare package and the products used are specifically designed to meet the needs of your skin.

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Services include:

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