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Waxing SErvices

Xenia Skin Care in Johnson City, TN offers complete waxing services in a luxurious and discreet spa environment, including: eyebrows, upper lip (mustache), sideburns, back & shoulders, legs, arms & underarms.

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At Xenia Skin Care, the time is taken to prepare and pamper the skin for the most comfortable waxing experience possible. The hair removal services will leave one with the smoothest skin.

There will not be painful tweezing, daily shaving, and messy depilatories with our safe, effective and comfortable waxing services – that remove hair almost anywhere on your body.

Schedule a waxing appointment with Senya, and say goodbye to shaving and hello to silky smooth skin today!

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Facial Waxing

As a woman ages her hormone production decreases. This can result in many changes to her body – including coarse hair on the upper lip. And, shaving only makes the problem worse by leaving sharp “stubble.” 

Facial waxing can remove hair on the lip or sideburns for up to six weeks. Even better, while shaving slices hair at the skin surface, so it grows back bristly, waxing pulls hair out by the root. So waxed facial hair grows back softer and finer!

Body Waxing

Tired of endlessly shaving the legs or armpits every day – only to have sharp unsightly “stubble” return in a day or two? Sick of unsightly hair springing up in unwanted and embarrassing places? The waxing services are the solution.

Everyone’s hair grows differently – but waxing can last up to six week. And, unlike shaving (which only cuts off hair at the surface), body waxing pulls hair out by the root. This means that waxed hair anywhere on the body will grow back softer, finer, thinner and without prickly stubble.

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